01 December 2013

A Sunday in the Life of a Nursery Child.

So every 7 long sleeps (days), my mommy and daddy say to me it's time to go to church and learn about Jesus, this makes me so happy because I sometimes miss my friend Jesus, and sometimes I feel like I have completely forgotten who he is. So to be able to go to church and learn about him helps me to remember.
So after we sit in a meeting that at times is boring for a long time, but luckily they give us a snack but it's not much, just a small piece of bread and a tiny cup of water, Mommy and daddy tell me it's called the Sacrament and that it is to remind me of Jesus, so I just take this little snack and remember my Friend. Sometimes I have books to look at or a toy that is quiet to help me be still during this long long meeting.
My favorite part is after the closing prayer mommy or daddy take me to Nursery where I have lots of friends. sometimes I don't want mommy to go because even though I'm with my Friends I only see them on Sunday and I sometimes forget that we are friends so i get scared and need mommy to help me. There are also other big people there that seem to be friends with mommy and daddy. They kind of take mommy and daddy's place while they go to their class, which is boring, there was one Sunday when I just didn't feel safe going with my friends and mommy took me to her class, I hope that never happens again because that was BORING!
So we all meet together in the nursery room until most of our friends are there, then we head over to the big room that has riding toys, babies in a stroller and balls to play with. Brother and Sister Liskey they are two of the big people bring them in for us every Sunday. we play in here for a while , this play time reminds me of when I would play with my Friend Jesus, I could play in here forever but they say we have to do other things. When they start to sing the clean up song we all have to help bring all the riding toys together. Then we all go over to the nursery room again, and this time like something magical the table is all set up and ready for us to have our snack, which Sister Walker, a big person, usually provides, she likes to challenge us to try new things so besides having raisins,and graham crackers she sometimes brings us Beans, Cheese, apples and pumpkin bread there have been other things but I forget what they are. I try anything she bring because My friends are trying them sometimes it is good and sometimes they just don't taste very good, when this happens I just leave it sitting on my napkin and don't eat it. I always try to be polite since that is what Mommy and Daddy would want me to do. We do have a prayer before we eat, that Sister Liskey helps us to say.
While we are eating Sister Walker also tries to teach us a lesson, about our friend Jesus. Sometimes I think she must be forgetful because she will teach us the same lesson over and over again, but that's ok because sometimes my little brain doesn't remember everything the first time. After we finish eating we take our napkins and put them in the trash and push the table back where it's suppose to be. then we get out the toys from the big cabinet. Sometimes when we open the cabinet the toys are a mess and this makes the big people upset, but I don't care it just toys and we are going to make a big mess with the any way. we play with the toys for a while then again we start hearing the clean up song, you know what that means. Yep every one start putting the toys back in the cabinet, the big people try and put them away like mommy puts away the food after shopping, but I just like to throw them all in and close the door cause when the door is closed you can't tell that they are not in their right container.
So after this playtime we have singing time we have chair set up and most of the time are waiting for our singing person. I'm a little shy and don't always like to sing but our singing time big person is Sister Hurd and she has really fun things for us to sing with and a lot of them make noise. Let's see she has shaker eggs, bells on a ring, we have these wands that have ribbon on them that look like water, she also has this glove that she sticks ducks or monkeys on when we sing.there is also frogs on a stick, but my favorite is the wheels on the bus song.. She is so fun we all get to help and have fun, I've even learned some new songs, I don't know all the words but the ones that I do know I will sing them out really loud. When sister Hurd gets tired of singing, or maybe its cause its almost time to go home we take up the chairs and then the bubbles come out that is the best part. While we wait for our Mommy's and Daddy's to pick us up we get to chase bubbles around the room, I think it's so we don't think that mommy and daddy have forgotten us.
Two of the other Big people that help us are Sister Anna Liskey, she is like a really big kid, she likes to play ball with us and crawl around on the floor. There is also Sister Barker, I think she is shy because she doesn't do much but she always has her phone out and is taking pictures, although the last couple of weeks she is getting used to us. She is also working on our Bulletin Board, right now it has a tree on it with pumpkins growing on the tree, I think she might be a little slow because even I know that pumpkins grow on the ground. But she says that it is a work in progress so we will wait and see.
I really like nursery and I hope that my Mommy and Daddy will take me there every Sunday so that I can have fun with my friend and learn more about Jesus. I hope you have enjoyed spending time learning about what fun we have. I might send you another story if anything new happens, But until then. May Heavenly Father and Jesus bless you.
A Nursery Child

05 May 2013

Importance of Living on our Firm Foundations

The Last 2 Sundays I've heard several talks, lessons, and testimonies on Building your Faith on a Firm Foundation. This has me thinking, I've seen many people that I know had a firm foundation, and still fell away. So I started thinking about actual foundations, like the ones that a building is built on. upon thinking of this I realized something. I thought about all the old houses that I pass driving around the ones that are old but lived in are doing fine, but the ones that no one lives in they are crumbling and falling down, and I bet if you went up to look the fountains are falling apart also. So this leads me to believe that building on a firm foundation is important, yes, but "Living" on that foundation is the Important part.

So back to my 1st thoughts on the lessons from Church, about Building on a firm foundation. Yes a Foundation is important but Living on the foundation, by going to church, reading your scriptures, etc. are what we need to continue to do. If we don't then the "building" weakens and eventually it falls. Just as in a real house if it's weakened the cold comes in. The same thing a happens to our Testimony if we don't continue to live in our "Building" the Cold (Satan) comes in and little by little he can turn our hearts and destroy our  Foundation.

I have decided that I'm not letting the cold in, I'm going to do all in my power to make sure the Satan can not get me or my daughters.

02 May 2013

1st drive

Today May 1, 2013, Elisabeth is 15years and 6 month old which means she can get her Learner's permit for driving, it will be this weekend or later before she does though. But it got me thinking about the day that I got my learner's, my Dad took me, I don't remember the date or day that I got it but I do remember the experience after. As we are walking out of the DMV he hands me the Keys, now I've only driven a riding lawnmower and a 4 wheeler before, never a car. so I look at him with a funny face and say "What?"
He answers back "Don't you want to learn to drive"
"well of course I do but..."
"No but's you can drive home"

Ok wow! I thought this is not bad, my dad is cool. Little did I know that he was going to take the LOOOOOOONG way home. It started off ok going in the direction that I was familiar with, but then as we came to a intersection I was told by him to get in the left lane and turn left.
I said "Home is to the right"
he said "I thought you wanted to learn to drive?"
"I do."
"Then turn to the left"
So I did, As I was making the turn I remembered that going this way only lead to I95, "Oh Shit!" I thought, cause I would never say that in front of my dad.

So as I was driving along sure enough he tells me to follow the on ramp to the interstate. Now this was afternoon rush hour traffic, in the D.C. area, we lived in a little bedroom community/Town called Dale City, it is now famous because the Potomac Mills Mall is there. but then it was just getting started. About a mile from the exit that I had gotten on I95 from is a Truck Weigh Station, so I am now only about 15 mins (if that) into my first driving lesson and I'm in rush hour traffic that is moving and doesn't want a Slow poke messing things up. and I have all these Truckers trying to get in my lane the right slow one because they have to stop at the weigh station. and then to add the cherry on top of it all... it starts to rain and not a little sprinkle but a full down pour. I had no clue as to how to even take my hands off the wheel to turn on the wippers if I had even known where the switch was, because I had a death grip on the steering wheel. My dad had to reach over and turn them on for me because I was afraid I was going to mess my pants if it did anything other than drive.

I'm happy to say that 27 +/-yrs later I can pretty much drive in the DC area with out having a death grip on the wheel, and big trucks don't scare me anymore. I now drive a Big School bus and can even parallel park it if I have to, not a fun thing but I've done it.

Been there, done that, and starting a new adventure with my Daughter.

31 December 2012

Year 2012

Happy Last day of 2012, this has been a year to remember.... and most of the memories are not happy ones.

Was the beginning just like any other year.
I did get Good news, I had had some Liver problems that turned out to be nothing. We (the Doc & I) decided that I am allergic to Sulfa drugs, they cause really bad things to go wrong with my Liver. so the year really started on a Good beat but that wasn't to last. toward the end of January Elisabeth, fell one evening and couldn't put any weight on her feet after that, ends up she has fractured her ankle, we thought it was the right one only but an MRI discovered that it was actually both, and that the Left one was in much worse shape. The type of fracture is called Osteochondritis dissecans of the Talus (Google it) it is basically the fracturing of the ankle joint surface. long story short on this is that he had to have surgery to correct it.

Was pretty uneventful, it was mainly going over the Mountain to UVA to see the Ortho Doctor, we tried letting the left ankle heal on its own but a problem or blessing not sure which yet was that Elisabeth's growth plates in her feet have sealed. (blessing because she wears a size 11 shoe) since they had sealed it makes this tpe of fracture harder to heal.

We celebrated Evelyn's 11th birthday, WOW!!!! I still can't believe that my baby girl is now 11, I must have Blinked.  On March 30th Elisabeth had her surgery, nice way to start Spring Break, but she had missed so much school that we thought it was better to do it this way. It really wasn't bad, BTW a piece of addvice, if you are having surgery and they offer you a never block, get it, it made traveling home over the mountain so much nicer after.

was filled with Spring  Break, trips to UVA and Field trips, I love driving field trips they are so fun. If I want to join the classes I can or I can just stay with the bus and relax, either way I get paid.

Was a lot like April, plus trying to get Elisabeth into Physical Therapy and back to normal, along with end of the school year test, etc. But one day I got a phone call that Elisabeth had fallen in PE and hit her head, I needed to come get her. Well my 1st thought is Why is she in PE, the girl has a Boot on her leg and is not suppose to be in PE for the rest of the year. When I see her I could tell something was not right, so off to see Dr Burt, and then to hospital to have an MRI, Good News Elisabeth has a brain, you know that's important to know, Bad News she has a concussion, out of school for a couple of days, and this is right in the middle of SOL testing. OH WELL, if the PE teacher hadn't made her participate then this wouldn't have happened.

END of  SCHOOL, yeah!!!! can you believe both of my babies are moving to new schools, neither can I. Evelyn is now a 6th grader at Montevideo Middle School and Elisabeth is a Freshman at Spotswood High School. I am so proud of both of them. Lyston and I decided to make some money for vacation and shorten ours by a few days by working the Primary (Rep) Election Polls in June, Elisabeth also had to shorten hers because of going to UVA again. But Evelyn got to spend extra time with Uncle Ben, Aunt Mallory, Aunt Christina and Granddaddy (my brother, sister-in-law, sister,& Dad). I think she loved it until they where visiting Uncle Glenn and Aunt Margaret (my mom's brother and wife) and out of the blue their dog bit Evelyn in the face, poor girl. I thought this would make her a little dog shy but not at all, a couple of days later while I was there, Uncle Doug (My Dad's Brother) came by with his 2 dogs in the back of the truck and Evelyn was all right there letting them lick her and all. We had a great Trip to OBX like always. I was so happy to spend time with my Dad and my Sister, and my Family.

Came with me driving summer school bus and Elisabeth going to Youth Conference and Girls Camp. Oma (Lyston's Mother) coming to visit and a lot of just Mommy and Evelyn time. Marching Band started the end of this month, I was anxious to see if Elisabeth's Ankle had healed enough for her to march this year, apparently it had, but she will always have some issues with it.

Lyston and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Wow 17 years that is a long time, but I'm so glad that I still love him as much today as I did the day I married him, if not life would be hard. This month was filled with Marching band practice, and more marching band practice and more marching band practice, I think you get the picture here, Right? The Beginning of another school year and this one is bitter sweet, Evelyn is going off to Middle school and Elisabeth High School and mommy is still stuck in Elementary school, Well not stuck I love my Bus driving job, Lunchroom I can take or leave it. I knew that the girls would be fine but because I'm a mom I was still nervous for them and the 1st couple of weeks I kept waiting for Evelyn to come to lunch at my school and then I would have to remind myself that she had moved on.

We got into the groove of school and marching band and all the fall things that we do, and I thought you know this year is almost over and it hasn't been too terribly bad. Little did I know what was around the next corner. BANG!

The 1st day I get a call from the HS nurse telling me that Elisabeth has hit her head, How? walking Backwards, this child can't walk forward with out breaking ankles, what made her think she could walk backwards? I found out that one of her friends that I see getting her little brother off my bus was there at the time. So I asked her "Why did you let Elisabeth walk in to the door?" Her reply was "she was talking and a couldn't get a word in to warn her." typical Elisabeth. Well we go to the Doctor's again but this time he just looked her over and then told me you know the drill, yes I did. I started considering buying bubble wrap in bulk. That was on October 1. the rest of the month wasn't to bad, Marching band, games, competitions, which  they ROCKED at!!!! But come Monday the 22nd I had just gotten home from my Lunch sift and was getting ready to grab a 15min nap when I get a phone call, BTW I hate phone calls especially ones that say XY School. This time it was the nurse at Evelyn's school telling me that she had fallen in PE (WHY PE?)
she can't put any weight on it, but I don't think it's broken just a bad sprain, never listen to the school nurse they are idiots (Sorry Nurse Barb, most are idiots, or at least certain ones are). Well I call the Bus Office and tell them I need a sub for the afternoon run, and then I call Lyston and tell him I will be taking Evelyn to the hospital as soon as a find a car I can borrow, he says, "where is our car?" In the Stress of the last 5mins I had forgotten that I had the car (only one we have) sitting right out front of the house, Thank God! I rush to the Middle school and as soon as I see Evelyn, pale, signs of shock, and crying, being pushed down the hallway in a wheelchair I know she has broken something. Load her in the car and off to Hospital we go. Long Story short, she broke her right ankle, a Tri-plane fracture of the tibia, basically she broke her ankle, this one needed surgery ASAP. I'll spare you the troubles we had there, but she had her surgery on Thrusday, by the same Doctor as her sister, best peds ortho doctor in VA (doctor Mark Romness). She came home that night with a nerve block, (they are great) and went to Harvest Fest (fall party) at Peak View Elem. that night, then the next night she went to the church Halloween Party, if they had had best costume she would have won. She ended up missing 2.5 weeks of school but that really wasn't much because there was a teacher work day in there and 2 days for the Storm Sandy and then Parent/ Teacher conf. and Election day. but she enjoyed every bit of it. you see usually it's her sister that is sick and has all of Mommy's attention even though I try not to give more to one than the other, so Evelyn finally felt the attention that mom's give when there children are sick or hurt (this was the 1st major anything for her) A blessing in diguise from this whole Ankle thing is that we found out that Evelyn has Preexcitation and right accessory pathway of the heart, we don't know what all of that means yet but we are glad that it was found and we can investigate it before it causes problems. I will update in 2013 on Facebook about what we find out from the Doctors.

Lyston and I worked the Presidential Election Polls that was a LONG BUSY DAY, but I'm glad I did it, it's actually kind of fun. Thanksgiving was spent with Lyston's family hosted by his big sister Gisi-Anne, and we got to see most of the family, just a day trip.Elisabeth might have gotten another concussion from Uncle Jim but I'm not paying a doctor to tell me I know the Drill, she suffered with a headache for about a week. Elisabeth also got to spent Black Friday with me for the 1st time shopping, I'm not sure she liked it, but I did get a lot of great deals on gifts so as long as I'm able I will be there next year. Evelyn got her cast off the Monday after Thanksgiving and we did see the Heart Doctors at UVA, but she needs to have a stress test done after her ankle is healed. But as of right now nothing to really worry about, just continue to pray that all goes well with her heart.

The Best time of the year. Christmas Parade for both Evelyn is working with the jump rope team called the Peak View Hippity Hoppers, she got to ride in the back of the tuck. Elisabeth marched with the Marching band this is there last performance of the year. then we had 2 holiday band concerts, both play the clarinet. and all the other fun of getting ready for the Birthday of the best older brother.Also the last week of school before break Elisabeth hit herself in the head AGAIN, so she got an early Christmas gift, a Hardhat.

So now I'm down to the last day of the year, I know that there are reasons that everything that happened this year and I know that I may never find out why, but I hope I have learned and grown from this, so that I don't have to repeat the class. May 2012 be a memory for the books and may 2013 be better than the last.

Been There, Done That, have a closet full of T-shirts.

10 March 2012

Food Allergies - A Child's Perspective - FAAN

If you have known me at least for the last 14 years then you know that I am a Mother of a child that has a food Allergy. The Article below is written from the eyes of a child.

I believe that EVERY School Nurse, Principal, Teacher, Lunchroom Worker, Room Mother, PTA, Sunday School Teacher, Bus Driver, Mother of Best Friend, and my list can go on, SHOULD READ THIS. The link is for the article but I have also pasted it below, Please Read.

Tips for Food Allergies - A Child's Perspective - FAAN

Managing food allergies on a day-to-day basis is a huge undertaking. The learning curve is steep and there is no room for error (believe me I know). The emotional toll that this invisible condition takes on the child and the family can be even more difficult than managing the practical aspects.

When your child is given a diagnosis of a life-threatening food allergy, it changes how you do everything. For most of us, the world is divided between those who “get it” and those who “don’t get it”. Our child’s physical and emotional well-being depends on us putting others in the right category; the “get it” crowd.

My hope is that the list below will allow a glimpse into how our children experience the world and that friends and family will see the importance of protecting children with food allergies physically and emotionally.

Ten Things Children with Food Allergies Want You to Know
©2011 Gina Clowes

1. I long to be included.

I would like to look, act and eat like everyone else. I’d like to buy my lunch and sit wherever I want. I know I can’t, but I’m happy when someone cares enough to provide a safe potato chip, cookie, or Popsicle® for me. It’s nice when I can have something similar to what the other kids are eating and I love it when I can eat the same thing as everyone else. Whenever it’s possible, please think to include me!
2. I’m scared I could die from my food allergies.

I’ve heard my parents and teachers mention “life-threatening” food allergies and I remember having some reactions where I felt very sick and really scared. I saw how frightened my parents were too. Sometimes, I could use a little reassurance that I will be okay.

3. I feel like I’m the only one sometimes.

If you have a support group or know another way for me to meet other children who have food allergies, I would really like that. It would be nice to know that I’m not the only kid who has food allergies. Having another friend with food allergies in my classroom or to eat with me at lunch would help me too.

4. I get confused when grown-ups offer me food.

I know I’m supposed to be polite and listen to grown-ups, but my parents have told me I should only take food from them. When you offer food to me (especially candy), I’d like to take it but I’m unsure and don’t know what I should do.

5. If grown-ups kiss me, right after they’ve eaten something I’m allergic to, I’ll get itchy spots.

If your dog licks me, I’ll get itchy spots too. I don’t feel quite brave enough or know how to tell you this, but I’m hoping you will remember; if you’ve just eaten something that I’m allergic to and then kiss me, I may get hives. So please don’t kiss me right after you’ve eaten that particular food.

6. I’m embarrassed when people fuss over what I’m eating.

I know I have to eat my own safe food, but it’s easier for me when I’m not singled out. Sometimes, I feel very embarrassed when grown-ups ask me a lot of questions. More than anything, I just want to fit in.

7. I hear all adult conversations about my food allergies.

My ears perk up when I hear grown-ups mention my name or my food allergies. Please don’t pity me or act terrified because that will cause me to feel frightened. Food allergies are just one part of me. Instead, let me overhear you list all the wonderful things about me!

8. Sometimes I’m sad about having food allergies.

It’s hard to be the only kid in the class not having a birthday cupcake and having to eat something different from my box of “safe treats.” What makes it worse is knowing this will happen a lot throughout the year because there are 20 or more other birthdays in my class. I know it’s not the end of the world, but from my perspective, it’s pretty tough at times.

9. I’m watching you! You may think that I’m too little to notice, but I know when you forget my epinephrine auto-injector and return home to get it.

I watch you every time, when you’re reading the list of ingredients on my bag of candy. You are my role model and I’m learning how to manage my food allergies from you!

10. I will do about as well as you do.

My parents and other grown-ups “can-do” attitude will help me cope with the challenges of living with allergies and ensure that food allergies don’t stop me from being everything I was meant to be!

Adapted from the eBook Ten Things Children with Food Allergies Want You to Know.

©2011 Gina Clowes www.AllergyMoms.com